Welcome to the website of the Green Coast Catalysts

(Please note that even though we've been operating since 2006, this website has only just been created in order to make it possible to download the presentations for "The Great Disruption Event'' in July 11. History and resources will follow in due course as we find time. Thanks for your patience)

Green Coast Catalysts is a not-for-profit group located in Bangalow, in the sub-tropical Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia. We facilitate local community discussion and planning around energy and environmental sustainability. 

Due to the current level of political uncertainty around climate change issues in Australia, we feel that we can no longer totally rely on centralised government to provide us with the solutions that will be needed at a local level.

So our objective is to help develop community awareness of these issues, and to encourage individuals to start to move towards developing security and resilience in a climate-challenged-world. That’s security for water, food and energy, to begin with. To us, empowering our local community seems like a good place to start.  

Since setting up in 2006, we have held a series of facilitated events to educate, stimulate and inform our local community, the idea being to offer individuals a pathway to independence. 

Green Coast Catalysts maintain a collection of resources to help individuals use reliable sources to make their own learning investment in climate change and related issues.

In order to keep up with the latest science and informed discussion, we’re linked to a number of Australian and international climate change networks, and welcome interaction with other groups or networks with similar aims.